Ahhhhhh....a few moments of peace

...and I'm totally not taking advantage of it. Instead, I'm sitting in front of my computer, catching up on my Google Reader feeds, buying music and subscribing to useless podcasts on iTunes, and Facebooking (it's actually a verb now, right? :)

Ok, maybe I AM taking advantage of it in my own little way.  Joacim took Izzy to the park a while ago, and I decided to stay home and revel in the silence.  It's been a trying few days, and I just need a teeny tiny little break.  Izzy's been sick...I've been sick, and basically not much has happened.  Izzy seems to be better...I got my dosage of cyclosporine lowered (which we think it's what's causing my general malaise and freakin' HEADACHES), so hopefully we're all on the mend now.  But I need to catch up!

Let's see....last time I blogged was April 7th....that would've been a Wednesday, I think.  Ok, I'm smart enough to check first....yes, that was last Wednesday.  Okay, what have we done since then?  Well, we've had some milk (yes, STILL drinking out of the bottle, but this is STILL the only way to get her to drink milk at home). 

I never want to forget how cute her little Flinstone feet are....
Absolutely edible to me :)
And then we fed some birdies in the backyard

We (I mean she) whined....a lot. (and to be honest, I don't even remember what she kept saying "no" to)

And got up WAYYYYYYY too early for my liking and needed to be entertained...

And got a good workout in too!

Wow...guess she's been pretty busy :)

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