So Joacim's in Sweden again....

and that means that things are a bit more hectic for me than normal. Izzy can be pretty grumpy when I pick her up from daycare, and Joacim is great at diffusing her attitude. THANKFULLY the weather has been fantastic the last couple of days, so we can go outside and play, and that ALWAYS puts her in a better mood, so THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE!!!

I just wish I had a little more time, but I guess I'll always wish for that :) But I figure I better take advantage of her being at daycare right now while I'm home with this hideous cold do catch up on some blogging. I feel bad that I go a week or so without doing anything, and then have 6 different posts in one day. Somehow I'll figure out how to be more timely on this (yeah, I doubt it! )

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