Outside on a Saturday

I knew that the weather was going to be totally crappy on Sunday, so I wanted to make sure we spent plenty of time outside.  After some errand-running, we came back and decided to re-pot some plants.

What's so funny about this one is how she's watering the plants.  I had a pitcher of water out there, and she tried to lift it but started spilling water everywhere, so I got her little watering "can" and filled it up.  Well, ingenious little Izzy decided that using the spout was a waste of time and instead used the opening that the water actually goes INTO when filling...that's a smart little cooking (but messy messy mess).

After we were done with the plants (which didn't really take as long as I thought it would), we went out into the yard.  I sat there while Izzy dug in the dirt.  She loves dirt.

And then I got Murphy's nylon tunnel out to see if she'd go through it...
And then she got tired and started to get silly

SOOO glad we did this, because Sunday WAS totally crappy outside...

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