Izzy's room makeover

I got these decals for Izzy's room from my friend, Rebecca, before Christmas.  Yes, procrastination doesn't even begin to describe this..anyway, I finally decided to be "crafty"..and it didn't turn out too bad.

I started out with a blank 12x12-in canvas (well, actually 3) and then painted them.  It took a day or so to dry (Ok, so I painted them LAST weekend and let them sit on my kitchen table for a week...) and then I put the transfers on.
The left one is blank, the middle one is just with one of the transfers, and the right one is finished..
Here's a close-up of the one that's finished...it turned out better than I thought!
And here's my little helper

I took down all the lights in her room, and then decided to remove the crib side and go back to the toddler bed.  I think she's ready for it and she seems to like it. I just wanted her to be able to crawl in and out of her bed and get her toys all by herself, which she can EASILY do now.  I was worried about what she would do the next morning, but I was coming back in from getting the paper while she was still asleep (or so I thought) but when I got back to the house she met me at the door.  Such a big girl now!

I also added some 3-D butterflies that I had gotten at Target last year (yes, more procrastination)...aiyiyi!!!
I think it looks pretty good.  Now if I can only figure out another place hang the butterfly mobile....

BTW..here's my other little helper...

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