Re-doing office...

After Christmas we went back to Ikea because I apparently hadn't correctly purchased all of Izzy's kitchen the first time (I forgot the upper part that included the microwave), and no way was my little girl NOT gonna have her kitchen, so we headed down there again last Wednesday.
I had originally wanted to "re-do" the office over Christmas, but with the biopsy and everything, we decided not to tackle it, but we DID think we could make a few improvements to start off with. We bought some cabinets to hang on the wall and some free-standing cabinets to replace the messy shelves we had in there. And of course, with Ikea furniture, this required assembly, which Izzy was only too happy to help with. She was very curious about the paper inserts that were in the box with the drill.

She's starting to climb a lot more now, and I think she was excited that she could get up on the cabinet all by herself...

A little downtime with her magna doodle (this, by the way, was a fantastic gift my moi....going to come in handy on the trip to Sweden this summer!)\

And a little dancing

I don't know if you noticed her hair, but I was having a little fun with it...

And I just realized that I don't have finished pictures of our work...maybe tomorrow I'll get that done!

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