Random photos....

We had a snow day last Thursday with about 5 inches of snow, and it's still here! Unfortunately, Izzy had a sick day that day too...guess I figured this would be happening with going back to daycare :( But towards the end of the day she was feeling a little better so we spent a little time coloring

This past Sunday we went outside to "play" a little. It was the first day of sunshine in I can't remember how long. Ok, I know I look ridiculous, but we had fun!

What a good looking dog! And so intent...he's not looking at me like that...the onlhy way I got this photo is because I'm holding is Wubba :)

We had to feed the birdies too, and they get fed pretty well around here...some overripe apples and grated cheese rind.

I think he's whistling to her, but I'm not sure what song. She seems pretty interested, though.

But she wasn't really into the snow. The first day, she was great, but she doesn't have a lot of "love" for it now :) She was ready to go in, can't you tell?

And today Izzy got a present from her cousin, Gwen, from Sweden! Here she is opening it

And here she is modeling it

For Christmas, Izzy got one of those phonics toys that sticks to the refrigerator with all of the letters, and she LOVES it! And she's totally picking the letters up...tonight she said "Q" and "Y"! Little miss smartypants....

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