A little time in the snow....

My posts are all OVER the place lately. I think I'm caught up, and then I find a terribly cute video of Izzy on my phone and I feel like I just HAVE to share. No one gets to hear her jabbering away like we do, so I have a little of that to share.

We've been lucky enough to have a little snow lately, and we've realized that she's a bit lukewarm about the whole thing. The first time I took her out was December 28, and it had only snowed an inch or two, but she was fascinated.....that is until her hands touched it, and then she was not so happy anymore :)

And we just had 4 inches of snow yesterday, so I took her out again, and she didn't even want to walk in it this time, so we're going a little backwards on the progress scale here. It could be because she looks like the kid from "The Christmas Story" in his snowsuit. Thank GOD she still wears a diaper because it takes FOREVER to get her in that snowsuit. And her little boots go up to nearly her knees, so she can't really walk very well. It's all terribly pathetic and adorable.

Murphy was THE HAPPIEST DOG ON THE PLANET yesterday....

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