Oh my word....I'm tired

This week has been hell, workwise. I'm totally regretting staying home on Monday (even though I would've been WORTHLESS) because I could've used an extra day to get everything done. I've been working on a change control at work that was originally implemented during Christmas, but due to lack of appropriate requirements, had to be fixed. To make a long story short, I've already worked my 40 hours by this morning. Hopefully, I'm in a good place for tomorrow morning to start testing, because this MUST be completed tomorrow.

And I started the cyclosporine on Sunday....no creepy side effects yet...keeping my fingers crossed...

I've been pretty good about working out (except this week...it's been shot to hell). Joacim's been great about taking care of Izzy and getting her dinner while I work out when I get home from work. It's not a easy system, and everything feels so hectic, but it's so important for me to lose this weight, and if I don't put myself first in this regards, who will? I can't keep complaining about feeling crappy if I'm not doing anything about it, right? And I'm really starting to enjoy it! I sweat profusely (partly due to the steroids) but I feel sooo good when I'm done. And I'm doing a lot of different things so as not to get bored: 30-day shred with Jillian Michaels, Tae-bo with Billy Blanks, yoga and my pilates reformer. I've lost a couple of pounds since last week. Seems discouraging when I consider how hard I feel I'm working out, but I know this is something that's going to take some time. As everyone says...it takes time to put the weight on, and it'll take time to get the weight off. I also signed-up with Livestrong.com, and they have an iPhone app where you can track your food and fitness. It's been pretty eye-opening to see how many calories I eat in a day, and it totally motivates me to work out based on how much I've eaten in the day. Lovin' it so far!

Okay, enough rambling...I'm going to bed. Night!

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