The day after Christmas 2009

So this year, I hosted Christmas with my immediate family, which included my Dad, stepmom, both sisters and my niece and nephew. I made turkey and all the fixin's (since I didn't end up making one for Thanksgiving) and it was delish!!! (kinda surprised myself :) And after dinner, we opened presents. With 3 kids aged 9, 10 and 11, this is a pretty quick task. They don't spend too much time looking at the gifts at first...and it's utter destruction in the living room :)

Izzy was very focused on the task at hand...

Not quite sure what happened to my nephew's pants, but had to capture it!

Love the hat!

A little time with Grandma

And a little time with Grandpa

My nephew LOVES Izzy....since he's the only boy, I think he appreciates it when he gets to do things with her..cute!

All of the kids ended up spending the night at our house that night, which was no small feat for us. We (Joacim and I) were a little worried because we'd never had more than 2 of them at a time (sounds silly, I know, but I've heard from very reliable sources that they can gang up on you!). The great side-benefit of this is having 3 great little baby-sitters :) JT spent some time with Joacim playing the playstation, and Taylor and Brianne played with Izzy:

We had a great time....made hot chocolate and popcorn and watched Polar Express.

It was a GREAT day!!!

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