Some outside play time

Sometimes I love daylight savings time...like in the summer when it's light until 9:30 or 10 at night. Then there are times when I hate it...like ever since the time changed this fall and it's dark by the time we all get home. No more playing outside when we get home from work...it's always too dark. We had this ritual during the summer where Izzy and I would get home, and we'd go right outside with Murphy. She'd sit on my lap and eat her yogurt and we'd play with Murphy, waiting for Joacim to get home. And it feels like we're always on the go on the weekends, so Izzy and Murphy have been in need of some outside time, and they finally got it the other day.
It almost looks as though she's trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.

She's absolutely edible to me.

Pappa had put away the owl we bought this summer to scare away the birds from pooping all over the pergola. He tried to put it away (since we now put out some food for the birdies for the winter), and she was NOT HAPPY. So he had to get it back out. Unfortunately for her, it's weighted down with sand and fairly heavy.

And she's mad because she can't move it

And that pathetic face will get one of us to move it for her pretty quickly

Don't know how I was lucky enough to get this photo, but I LOVE it! How cute is he?

Izzy and Joacim are playing hide-and-seek with me. These are some of the BEST smiles...

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