Another visit to Trader's Point

It was Joacim's turn to take breakfast to work this past Friday, so last weekend we headed over to Trader's Point Creamery to get some cheese (LOVE that stuff!!!). Of course we had to go visit the calves!

OMG..these calves are sooo cute...

We decided to stay and have lunch in the Loft restaurant. They have some of THE BEST chili there, and I couldn't wait to get some! While we were waiting for our food, Joacim worked on Izzy's Swedish. She does really well identifying body parts in english, but sometimes forgets the Swedish words. This isn't too surprising since she's working on then in English at daycare, but I'd say she's still doing a great job!

We REALLY pushed her naptime on this day, and she passed out cold in the car on the way home.

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