Some sleeping issues have arisen again

I don't know what happened....seriously have no clue. Izzy's always been a pretty good sleeper. I mean, we can put her to bed awake, and within a few minutes she was OUT. And she'd sleep the whole night through...I'd usually have to wake her up the next morning.

And then last Sunday came and EVERYTHING changed.

We tried to put her to bed, and she SCREAMED...like I haven't heard her scream before, and every night has been a battle to put her to bed. Not only that, but she also doesn't stay asleep. We might actually get her to bed (because we've sat with her until she's fallen asleep and then laid her in bed) but she's usually awake within a couple of hours....screaming again. I mean, it's blood-curdling!!! And I don't understand it. I don't know if she had a nightmare, or if this is a phase (which is the one I'm leaning towards) but it's been awful. She has either ended up in our bed or I've slept with her in the spare bedroom every night since last Sunday.

The WORST was last Wednesday night. We got her to bed (finally) but she woke up 3 hours later. I had just gotten out of the shower, and was piddling around. I figured she had lost her pacifier and was completely awake, so I putzed around a little, moved my alarm and water bottle into the spare room, got a magazine to read....just puttering. But then I opened the door. And I smelled it. Yes, vomit. EVERYWHERE. This was 10 times worse than the last time she did this....whole food. She must've done it in her sleep because there was a big pile of it, and it was all over her face and the back of her hair. Poor thing....I felt so guilty for being so slow!!! We got her in the bath, cleaned up her room, and I slept with her in the spare room. Well, slept isn't quite the word..she ended up throwing up 4 more times...all of which hit me in some way or another. She must've felt awful...and she was so confused as to what was happening. I mean, she'd be completely asleep, then raise her head and throw up. Awful...truly truly awful.

I didn't get much sleep that night, and I had a big presentation (well, big for me) to some important folks at work the next day. For anyone that knows me and presentations, you'll understand why I was nervous. I'm terrible at them. I don't know why....I just get soooo nervous! But apparently, I've found the key....just don't sleep. I was so tired that I just didn't get nervous...no worries at all, and the presentation went really well! Thankfully Joacim could stay home with her! I was a bit worried about that because she's been SUCH A CLINGY MONKEY TO MAMMA!!! All week long....I couldn't be more than an inch from her. and just being close wasn't enough....she HAD to be held. Joacim tried everything, but there wasn't anything he could do about it. I think she's gotta be in a separation anxiety phase right now...hopefully a short-lived one at that!

And keep your fingers crossed that this sleep thing is short-lived too!

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