Pumpkin carving!!!

Tonight we carved our first official pumpkin as a family, and I couldn't be happier. We didn't bother last year since she was only a few months old, but I was deterimined to do it this year. And you know what? It's a lot harder to carve that thing than I remember! But we managed and the pumpkin ROCKS!
Here we are trying to pick out a face for our pumpkin

And I'm trying to draw it on the pumpkin

She wasn't very willing to share her pen with me, though. She's trying to trade me for a sharpie! :)


And now so SAD! Ahhhh. the emotional highs and lows of a toddler...

I know..this looks scarier than it was :)

I was excited to see if she's get her hands in the pumpkin and pull out seeds, and she didn't disappoint me!!!!

She wasnt'w squeamish at all about pumpkin guts!

I really don't remember the carving part being this hard!!!

Here's Joacim trying to be all fancy schmantzy with the camera again, not aiming (but he DID get a pretty good one this time!)

She was interested for awhile, but then got bored with the whole pumpking thing, so she decided to draw us some pictures...

I think Murphy's just wondering when this will all be over so we can play

btw...it's his BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!!! He'll be 4 years old, and he's got some GREAT gifts coming his way!!!
We definitely turned this thing into a family affair, with Murphy right in the mix of things!

Now she interested again

Our first jack o' lantern!!

All lit up!

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