Joacim's in the motherland...and Week 3 of ISR

Joacim left for Sweden on Friday...for TWO WEEKS!!! I've been freaking out about this since I found out about the trip (it's work-related). I've only had to be a "single mom" for a few days back this last winter, but she wasn't mobile then so it wasn't that big of a deal. But NOW...whew....she's a handful!
Here's a photo of my two favorite people at the airport before he left. It was really hard for him to leave her this time since she's so much more aware of everything. I think he's afraid that she won't recognize him when he comes back, but I'm not worried. She runs around the house all the time yelling "Pappa" :)

Since he's been gone we've been keeping pretty busy. I kept Izzy home from daycare on Friday because she just hasn't been feeling well. She's been fighting a cold, and she hasn't been getting better, so I figured she needed a good day of rest, which is what we got. We were able to hang out, she got a good nap in, and thankfully she seems to be getting better. I didn't take her to her ISR class on Thursday because she had such a nasty hacky cough, but it was much better Friday afternoon so I took her. Here are some videos:

She's made so much progress in just 3 short weeks! And today she was INCREDIBLE!!! Not a single whimper, tear or yelp...she was all smiles. Can't wait for picture day Friday THIS week!

Here's some photos I took Friday evening of Izzy and Murphy playing together. I think Murphy hates it when Joacim's gone, because he gets even less attention. I've got LOADS of dog-mommy guilt...

You can't see her very well here because she's dancing

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