Chicago vacation day 4 - September 17th

Day 4 - nothing planned, so we went touristy.
Our destination:

Joacim had never been to the Sears Tower. Yes, I KNOW it's now been renamed the Willis Tower, but seriously, who's hairbrained idea was that???? As with other things for me, I shall continue to call it the name I know (need I say Deer Creek or Hoosier Dome???)
These are some cool murals in the visitor's center prior to hitting the express elevator...

Ahhhhhh....one of my favorite views...

Izzyboo liked it too!

We let her walk around a lot up there, but she became quite the little escape artist. Here's Joacim retreiving her.

They've put these new glass walk-outs in the observation deck, and they are SCARY!!! I mean, it's 103 floors....straight down...look at Joacim's expression! Even he's freaked out!

I have to tell you that I was terrified shooting this video...freaking terrified. I have an incredible fear of heights but it normally doesn't bother me when I'm enclosed. However, this was a COMPLETELY different experience.

We were able to get a great self-portrait though!!

She is absolutely edible, isn't she?????

After our visit, we decided to walk around and find something to eat. We swung by the Octoberfest that was going on downtown, but it was really crowded. At this point, we were famished...luckily, Izzy was still in good spirits...

FINALLY, we found a deli to eat. You'd think it would've been easier!

That evening, we headed out to Joacim's and my favorite restaurant. It's called Cafe-Ba-Ba-Reeba, and it's in my old stompin' grounds. I had been looking forward to this meal for 3 years. Unfortunately, Izzy had other ideas. This ended up being the meal that I have dreaded since the day she was born. We were the only ones in there with a small child, and I felt like we became the ones everyone despised because she was screaming like a howler monkey! There wasn't anything I could do to make her happy, except for hold her (which made it really hard to eat tapas). I was able to shove all the good food in, but I think we'll find a sitter for Izzy the next time we go....or wait till she's 15 and can be better behaved :)

Once we left the restaurant, she was back to her sweet self again....soooooooo snuggly and darn cute!

One last nighttime cityscape photo....

I miss this town...

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