Chicago vacation day 1 - September 14th

Sooooo, finally went on vacation last week. I told my friend Holly that I would be blogging during my trip while Izzy took a nap. I now realize how foolish and optimistic that was! :)

I think I was mostly worried about Izzy and the car ride and Izzy and her naps. Granted, some of my fears were realized, but all-in-all she was GREAT!
Here she is, on the road with all of her favorites.

She did get a little bit whiney on the road, so I was PRAYING for naptime to hit.
And thankfully it did.

Once we got to the hotel, it was time for a snack of yogurt and water..this done while checking out the amazing view...

Amazing views....(this NEVER usually happens for us..we requested an upper room with a city view and they DELIVERED!!!!)

Izzy made herself at home while we unpacked. I can't stand living out of suitcases, so I try to unpack as much as possible. Granted, this room was kinda small with litle storage, but still had enough room to get all of Izzy's stuff out and most of ours...

Izzy had to check EVERYTHING out! It was soo fun to watch her in the hotel room, checking everything out. Here she checking out the bathroom. We're calling this the R2D2 dance

After that, we decided to take a walk. It was pretty warm that day...warmer than I or the weather channel expected :) But we took advantage of it and walked down the Magnificent Mile...scoping out the potential shopping excursion for later in the week. Izzy was absolutely captivated by all of the things to see and hear. She's not a fan of sirens, but by the end of the week she was pointing to the street every time she heard a bus. Too cute!

Little girl in big city!

And here's Joacim and Izzy walking to dinner. We had a deep dish at Giordano's (I'm sooo glad we got this doggie backpack and that she loves it so much!)

At the end of the night, it was...shall we say, difficult to wind her down from all of the excitement....

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Jeff McGinley said...


Nice post! Great pictures. Beautiful baby! And wonderful city. Awesome combination. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.