Attack of the banana

Or rather I should reword that and say attack of the Izzy on a poor, defenseless banana.

We got home Friday after daycare, and she was hungry, so we went outside and has a banana. Everything started out fine. She sat at her little picnic table that's still too big for her (but she manages pretty well).

And she's eating the banana very well...little bites

But then these bites become a little bit bigger....

But she's still good...able to swallow everything....

And then the bites become HUGE! That's about a 2-inch piece of banana that she stuck in her mouth. I swear, I'm a good mom...I'm not trying to choke her..I just looked away for a second and she shoved the whole thing into her mouth!

Luckily, Joacim got home soon after that and distracted her...

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