4th of July at the Benich's!!! And rain......

Arggggggggggh! It's not supposed to rain on the 4th of July!!!! But it did...A LOT!

For the past few years, we've gone to the Ryan and Anissa's house. (Joacim and Ryan met at Tetra Pak, where they both work). Every year the weather's been nice...until this year. i have to admit that I wasn't too excited about going because the rain wasn't going to let up, and I didn't know what we'd do, but we went and I'm glad we did. Joacim's sole drive was getting to let off fireworks, and come hell or high water, the men were gonna blow things up!

When we got there, this is what we saw...lots and lots of puddles

Of course, it didn't bother the kids, Izzy included :)

Izzy's finally taking a break in one of her favorite chairs

yup....still raining.......

here's Brad (another of Joacim's co-workers) playing with Willie, the cutest puppy in the universe!

While the kids were geetting ready for some parachute fireworks, Willie decided to hang out with Izzy

Here are the kids running after the parachutes. This is a tradition of the 4th of July party...the men light off these firworks, and these little parachutes come out, one by one, and the kids expend ridiculous amounts of energy chasing after them...fun to watch!

What's up with the shocked look?

Toward Izzy's bedtime, Joacim got her jammies on and I tried to get her to sleep, but it was pointless. There was WAY too much going on for her to calm down, so I put her in a sling and carried her around, hoping that the rocking motion would make her sleepy. That didn't work either :) So we sat down in the garage and waited for the rain to stop. Everyone had out their iPhone's and Pre's and Blackberries looking at the radar...wish I had taken a photo of that!

Finally, the rain stopped, the fireworks went off, and Izzy fell asleep...

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