Day 2 - Ft. Lauderdale

Okay, let's see...day 2 in Ft. Lauderdale. I love getting up in the morning and opening the curtains to look at the ocean. I mean, it's not every day I get this luxury, right? Of course, things are a little different here, as this was our view when the curtains were opened:

Yes, my friends, that is a photo shoot, and by the lack of substantial clothing this particular model is wearing, I'm guessing it's for some racy swimsuit calendar or something. Nothing like starting the day looking at this to make you feel somewhat "inadequate" :)

Joacim and I aren't really very good about planning things, and this trip was no different...we kinda of end up "winging" things a bit. On the plane ride down, I had read in a magazine about this drive-thru kid of safari place about 40 minutes from where we were, so we decided to go for it and see what it was all about. Once we got there, we got Izzy out of her seat and she sat in my lap, which I'll admit felt completely bizarre. Isn't it funny how this was perfectly acceptable behavior when I was growing up, but completely illegal now? Anyway, we didn't think Izzy would be able to see anything, and we were going at a pace slower than a turtle,
so it was all good.



guess she felt like she needed to be in the driver's seat for awhile...and no, Joacim wasn't driving with her here...we were stopped:)

This picture makes me laugh. I like to think of them as Larry, Curly and Mo...

Kinda feel sorry for this on :(

Water buffalo...

Nice shot from Joacim

Wildebeasts are crazy creatures, aren't they?

gotta have a flamingo in here somewhere...it is Florida, after all!

New baby rhino named Jazzy

Zebra (kinda feel this one is pretty self-explanatory

Break time for lunch!

Love taking photos of her in these cutouts! She looks so funny!

Close-up with a "metal-fist" thrown in!

Getting ready to feed my favorite animal, the giraffes...

It was AWESOME to be able to get this close! You can do this at the Indy Zoo too, but it felt so much closer since you're right "in their face"...

At the end of the day, we were EXHAUSTED!!!

I've got some more photos of day 2...but I think I'll break them out into a separate post....

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