Photos I didn't know where else to put

Okay, so I've done a TON of blogging over the last couple of days. I intend to be better at this in 2009 (I promise), but I just wanted to say how much fun we had with Helmut and Teresa visiting. I know Izzy had a great time getting to know her farmor and farfar, and hopefully she won't take long to warm up the next time we see them (summer in Sweden????) Anyway, there are still a few more photos left that I wanted to show, but didn't exactly know where to put them, so here they are:

Ok, so you can't see this very well, but this is a steaming pot of the most wonderful soup I have ever tasted. I call it "Teresa's Christmas Soup" because she makes it every Christmas, and thankfully, she made it for us while they were here (and I was even able to freeze some until I figure out how to make it myself!)

Here's farmor being silly by putting a coffee filter on her head!

Love how blue her eyes look here

Here we are enjoying a nice evening by the fire....

And here's farmor trying to get Izzy to start crawling. I tell you what, as much time as she spent being held over Christmas, she seems to have decided that even rolling over is too much of an effor for her, and it's MUCH more effective for her to scream for one of us :) I don't see this girl crawling anytime soon....:)

Here she is in the cutest jammies I've seen!!!

And here she is eating an apple with farmor...she loves the Granny Smith kind You could actually see little teeth marks in it from her 2 incoming bottom teeth!!!

Alright, so that should just about catch me up. I've got a few photos from the last week, but my fingers (and brain) are tired, so I'm going to call it a night. Hope you all enjoy the posts, and please, leave comments. Makes me feel like someone's reading this!!!! Take care...love to all!


Kauffman said...

Hey Jen, looks like you guys had a busy but fun holiday season! I can't believe how Izzy is growing. Maybe if the weather ever warms up and we are still in this house;) the kids should play in the yard. By the way, I DO check your blog often, I so enjoy it!

Lacy Park said...

I'm loving your photos. Bloggin' beats the hell out of baby books, in my opinion. Have a good day!