Christmas with my side of the family

We celebrated Christmas with my entire family on the Saturday following Christmas, and then with my parents and my sisters on that following Sunday. On the way to my aunt's house on Saturday, I couldn't figure out why Izzy wasn't falling asleep. I mean, it was definitely her nap time. Teresa and I were sitting in the back seat with her, and when we were about 20 minutes away, I rearranged her blanket only to find poo gushing from her!!!! And I'm guessing that we couldn't smell it because we were all so sick with colds/sinus infections... There were definitely not enough wipes in the car to deal with this one! It was on her blankie, her dress, all over her carseat and buckle...even her toy was not spared! So here I am, for 20 minutes with a poop-covered toy in one hand and Izzy's leg in the other! :) As soon as we got to my aunt's, Izzy went straight into the bath. Thank goodness we were having Christmas at family's house rather than a restaurant or something! Thankfully, I don't have any photos of that mess to show you, but here's some others to enjoy...

She was such a big help!

I had always heard that she'd be more interested in the boxes rather than the presents...case in point:

After Christmas at my aunt's, Joacim wanted to go to one of his favorite places in America....J & L Records in Lafayette! I swear, he could spend HOURS in this place...here he is enjoying it with Izzy boo...she didn't care much for the records, but she was a HUGE fan of the ramp they had in the store..up and down and up and down and giggle giggle giggle...

Here we are at my sister Andrea's house the next day...I think this was her favorite toy of all

She did look pretty stylish in her pink Crocs (thanks Deb and Jessie!), but they were too small...bummer!!

Happy sweet girl with her crib toy

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