Running out of steam

Ahhhh! I'm so tired of being so tired!!! We had our bedroom and our spare bedroom painted this past Friday, so we've spent the better part of this weekend cleaning carpeets and putting our house back together. Not to mention the fact that little Boo (that's my new nickname for her...the daycare calls her "little bit", which is also pretty cute) woke up around 7:30 this morning and was in no mood to go back to bed after I fed her. Sooo...we got Joacim up and had breakfast, and our first attempt at eating cereal. What fun!!!! Can't really say she knew what the heck was going on, but it was fun to watch...

Here's the first feeding..

The second feeding this evening went MUCH better, as you can see here..

I made the cereal a bit thicker, and she couldn't get enough! This is fun (omg..but it's SOOOO MESSY!!!) Lovin' it!

Izzy's little bath routine has changed a little too. I've been giving her a bath in her little bathtub ever since she came home, but it's been getting harder and harder to do that (not to mention wetter for me!). Plus, she's really starting to sit up now, and stayed up the entire bath Thursday night. So I bought one of those yellow foam thingys that lay on the bottom of the tub, and it worked great! She had a blast in her first "big girl" bath! And she was finally able to play with some of her bath toys...

Other people have now officially witnessed little Izzyboo rolling over. My parents and little sister came down for a visit today, and I was telling them that she was rolling over now. Joacim had never seen it because Izzy gets so upset when you put her on her tummy that he hates to see it and picks her up. I told him you've got to be FAST! Everytime she's done it for me, it's been right after I put her down and move her arms up near her head. Well, she did it today...and it was right when I put her down. It was like slow motion...Joacim had the camera and was trying to take a video of it, but he was focusing so much on watching Izzy that we didn't quite get a video of it. There'll be plenty of times, but I'm really hoping this is the start of a trend!

We spent a lot of time last weekend working with Izzy and her sitting skills. Joacim made a comment the other day that it seems as thought she's really "come alive" the last couple of weeks. Her personality is really developing, and her motor skills too. I tell you what...when this little girl sees something she wants, she lunges for it and always gets it on the first try. We've seen that we have to be really careful where we put things and how we hold her, because she's nearly lunged out my arms for my cup of coffee or for a plate on the table

Here's a bunch of photos...

She looks kinda cute in her pappa's hat!

Hey, what's going on?

She LOVES the stacking rings!

After that playtime, she was plum tuckered out...

Look at that conncentration?

Look how great she is at sitting up all by herself!!!

She's very interested in books now, too!

I'm sooooo cute!!!!

She LOVES her Murphy...and it looks like he's got a soft spot for her too!

Here's a photo of Izzy and Miss Debbie, who works with Izzy in the infant room at her daycare. Izzy LOVES Miss Debbie, and we think she' pretty great too!

This is little Boo hanging out in our wardrobes while we were putting our clothes back in. Joacim thought he was being cute putting Izzy in there..and he was RIGHT! :)

And here's one that Joacim took before work the other day....

I can't articulate how fantastic it all feels...to see her motor skills develop, to see her make the connection between what she wants and what she needs to do to get it...it's AMAZING.

I'm lovin' being a mamma!!!

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