First ear infection

Sooo, we took Izzy to the doctor today because we've been worried about her coughing a bit. It seems to strike the worst right after she wakes up. She's had it for a couple of weeks, and I called the doctor last week, and they didn't seem too worried about it. And I wasn't really either, but I haven't noticed much of an improvement since last week, which is why we went to the doctor today. Anyway, much to my disappointment, little Izzyboo has the start of her first ear infection. The doctor thinks that all the drainage she's had has eventually worked it's way up into her ears. Luckily, she seems totally unaffected by it all, and I'm glad we caught it early. Here are a few photos of Izzy's first taste (of many, I'm sure) of amoxicillin....
The first tast she wasn't too sure about

Do they have this stuff in a dye-free variety???

I think she's starting to like it now...

Yep, I think we have a winner!

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hslamb said...

Oh I hope it is her last!! Poor Izzy!