Light the Night Walk

I wanted to say thank you to those of you who sponsored my Light the Night walk. I was able to raise $400 for the cause, so THANK YOU!!! There was a great turnout, and a wonderful evening for the walk. I wish I would've gotten some better photos of the event itself, but I failed a little on that one. Here are some photos of us at the event though:

This is Izzy and me with my friend Rebecca. We work together at Lilly, and she has a spunky little girl named Hannah.

And here's Hannah:

Here's a family self-portrait:

And here's little Izzyboo:

Okay, here's a VERY BLURRY photo of the walk when it began...

After the walk was over, Joacim and I were starving, so we went to have some sushi. Here's Izzy with her chopstick:


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