July 15 update...

Whew! I thought I'd be posting more frequently, but I feel a bit guilty playing on the computer when Izzy is awake, so there hasn't been as much time. She's awake more hours in the day now, and she's smiling and cooing, and we love every minute of it. I've even gotten used to all of her grunting in the morning..not that it doesn't drive me crazy sometimes :), but I'm used to it now.

Let's see..what's new...well, we went to some friends of ours for their annual 4th of July party. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos from that, but needless to say, we had a great time as always. Thank you to Ryan and Anissa for being great hosts and allowing us to "barge in" :)

I've started to get more mobile with Izzy, but the problem again has been the weather. When it's as hot as it's been, none of us feel like going outside, much less to run a buncch of little errands. But by Wednesday of last week, I was definitely suffering from cabin fever, so all of us decided on a little adventure. We packed up Murphy, stopped by Jimmy Johns for some subs, and went down the White River State park to walk around and enjoy that particularly beautiful day. Here's a photo of Izzy and I by the canal:

I've been trying to get her more used to being in a sling. Anissa let me borrow one when we were at their house, and it's much more comfortable that the one I have, but Izzy's not too sure about it. She's good in it as long as she's tired, but not so happy when she's awake. Plus, I get the worst pain in my shoulder after wearing for a long time. Here's a photo of us taking a break on the sofa:

We went out to lunch with Joacim and his co-workers on Friday, and I just felt like staying out of the house after that. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything to do, so we went bacck home, and I decided to have a little photo session with Isabelle. She was a very good subject (except when I tried to take the photo shoot "on location" to our backyard :). Here are couple of the shots:

If you look closely, you can see her smiling in this one:

Here's one of her and her Pappa:

Here's one of Izzy being a big girl on the sofa:

And here's the best one of all...Izzy's cute smile and crazy hair:

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indygator said...

She is adorable! And growing so fast!!