Izzy's hair

So I've heard from several people about Izzy's current hairstyle, and it reminded me of my own hairstyle at her age. Let's just take a little looksee at the similarities, shall we?



I wish I was smart enough to figure out how to put these photos side-by-side, but I'm not....

First of all, note the color...pretty similar, yes???
Secondly, note the length at this point...again, pretty similar...
Now note the sheer will of the hair to stand straight off the top of our heads as if we've been scared out of our wits! Joacim always says, "She looks FAST.., and I have to agree...and I love it!

Izzy and I went to a Pampered Chef cooking party at my friends house tonight, and it was pretty great! I hadn't been to an actual cooking show through Pampered Chef, but it actually convinced me to buy something that I NEVER would've bought before. The consultant made this molten chocolate cake that was TO DIE FOR!!! And she made it in only 12 minutes, and best of all....IN THE MICROWAVE!!! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it (and sampled ) it myself, so I absolutely HAD to have the stoneware pan for myself. I had just a good time that I've convinced myself that I'd like to host one of these things, so beware, lady friends of mine...you'll be getting an invitation soon! The theme of this night's show was Mexican, but I'll be doing a "Meals in under 29 minutes" theme. I figured this would be best for me, expecially since I'll be needing as much free time as I can get to spend with Izzy once I go back to work.

Izzy and I had a really nice day spent downtown, doing some shopping. We went to the Farmers Market and bought Murphy some doggie treats, and then headed over to Circle Center. I wanted to check out H&M because I heard they had some cute baby clothes there (and they did :). Izzy slept pretty much most of the trip, which made for an excellent shopping partner!

The little cutie is laying here beside me now, sleeping in her Pappa's arms. He's starting to get more comfortable with her; he gave her a bath tonight and put her to sleep, which is great! Ahh..she's so absolutely lovely that I can hardly wrap my head around it!

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Liza said...

Isn't it funny the things that are inherited. I mean who would have thought that mama's crzy hair when she was a tiny baby would come to surface in your own child. Now that we have ours I think I know why it is called the miracle of life. NOTHING LIKE IT!!!