27 weeks

27 weeks and counting! We had a doctor's appointment on Thursday, and everything is going very well. I had my glucose test also, but I don't have the results back from that yet. I was also able to meet the childbirth educator, Renee, at the doctor's office, and she was GREAT!!! I have plans on using a doula for the childbirth, and she is one herself, so it was great talking to her. It only reinforced that this is the best decision for me. The trouble is actually finding one! I spoke to one back in December, and I really "clicked" with her, but I waited too long and now she's booked. She was kind enough to refer me to her doula, and I've already made contact with her. Hopefully we can meet sometime this week.

We also ordered the nursery funiture on Wednesday. It should be here in 7-14 days, and I can't WAIT. Once I we get that all set up, I'll feel so much better.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today (almost 65 degrees!!!), so the Trunk family decided to take a walk by Craig Park in Greenwood. Murphy couldn't walk in a straight line to save his soul...he was soo excited to be outside in nice weather. Here's a photo Joacim took of us at the park:

Joacim has been beating himself up over the last 2 hours about a problem with our ceiling fan. I woke up last Monday and it sounded like a jumbo jet was landing in our living room. Something, don't know what, had happened to the ceiling fan in our living room. So, we went and bought a new one, and Joacim just installed it. Well, it's still making the noise, at least I think it is. Hard to tell with the dishwasher going, but there's definitely some sort of "hummmmmmm". it's driving us batty!!! Hopefully he doesn't drive himself (or me ;) crazy gtrying to figure it out!

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