4th of July weekend with Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Bri

We were lucky to have Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Bri make the drive up here to help us celebrate the 4th of July.  They usually come around Izzy's birthday, but there was something going on around that time (can't remember what it was though :) but this actually worked out better.

We had a tremendous amount of rain in June (over 13 inches!!!), which ended up moving the annual Taste of Minnesota (typically held on Nicollet Island) out to the Carver County Fairgrounds.  I thought this would be a whole lot of fun, and that we'd get a chance to sample some of the local restaurants downtown, but I think that the move caused a lot of restaurants to back out, and we were left with your typical county fair fare :(  We made the best of it, though!

There were a few carnival rides there too, which Izzy had to sample.  You can't tell, but she WAS having a good time :)

And then that evening, our friends Jessica and Blake offered to host us at Blake's parents house, which is right on Lake Waconia.  This is usually a fantastic spot for fireworks, with them normally being set off from the island in the middle of the lake.  However, due to the rain again, they had to have the fireworks launched from the far side of the lake.  Our view wasn't as great as it could've been, but it was still lovely, and we had WONDERFUL hosts!  Plus, when we were leaving, the fireworks from The Taste started going off, so it's like we got a two-fer!

 It had been unusually chilly the night before when we were watching fireworks, so I was relieved when we woke up on the 5th to warm, sunny skies.  Perfect day for a boat ride!

The boat ride was followed-up by a yummy steak dinner on the deck

And then our own fireworks that Grandma and Grandpa brought with them :)

Later that same evening I was able to get this great shot of the moon.  I don't have the best equipment for moon photos, but I'm pretty happy with this one :)

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