VACATION!!! Sanibel Island Day 4

Another day of nothing planned...just the way I like my vacations :)

Thank goodness for outdoor showers to rinse off the sand!

Dinner this night was at Doc Ford's again, but this time we went to the one on Sanibel.  We didn't feel much like driving, and it was running into prime dinner time.
I couldn't get enough of this salad.  Arugula with caprese....GENIUS!  And this is still something I eat weekly ;)

This was some mango maui special they were having....yuuuumy!

We decided to head down to the other end of the island for some ice cream after dinner.

We drove to the farthest point, which is a lighthouse, and parked the car for a sunset walk along the beach.   It was a secluded little spot with a very calm beach...lovely.

This bird wasn't afraid of anything.....clearly too busy fishing.

And he was quite successful!

And he flew away after his meal.

Pelican's are the strangest, sometimes funniest, creatures.  Looking so graceful in flight....

And a hot mess on landing :)

Her obsession with shells was reaching an all time high

We eventually made it to Pinocchio's for some ice cream (highly recommended!!!).  The ice cream was delicious....they put this cute little animal cracker on top of Izzy's.  We ended up meeting this lovely woman who resides year-round on the island.  She entertained us with stories of what it's like to live on the island during a hurricane, and was just a lovely person.  Very glad we went there :)

When we got home, I realized my error with the sunscreen.  Do you?

And she was out like a light upon lying down.....

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