Kindergarten Christmas Party

I love that my job affords me the opportunity to participate in some of Izzy's school activities. I wish I could do more (of course :) but I'm thankful for what I can do.  I was really involved in the Halloween party, so I didn't feel as guilty about taking a back seat on the Christmas party.  Since I'm the "official" class photographer for Izzy's class, I decided that's how I would volunteer for this one.  But first, I had to post at the photo booth with Izzy (I think that I had a santa hat on a stick, but the glare from the light kinda made that impossible to see :)

This is one of Izzy's best friends, Seyenna.  These two are lie little peas in a pod :)

The little boy that's standing to the right of Izzy is Brooks, who is actually our neighbor!  He's such a sweet boy, and I think he may have a teeny little crush on Izzy :)  He's not in Izzy's class, but rather in the other kindergarten classroom, but the party is for the whole grade.


Look at this adorable little elf that they all made!  I LOVE this, and we took it home and hung it on our kitchen on the pantry door.  So creative!

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