Farmer's Market

I FINALLY made it to a farmer's market around here.  You see, I'm not a morning person.  At all.  And ESPECIALLY not on Saturday.  Sadly, that's when every farmer's market happens, so it takes some planning for me to actually get out of bed.  And honestly, I'm so glad I did, because the Mill City Farmers Market was AMAZING!  Granted, the veggies at each stand pretty much cost the same, but everything looked so lovely.  See these flowers??

It was a bit more expensive here than I expected, but everything is organic, so I'm guessing that's part of it.  There were also bakers there, with beautiful loaves of bread.  I got a French boule, but I hid it in the pantry so Joacim wouldn't eat it right away, and then ended up forgetting about it entirely :(

I got some beets, partly because they're good for me, but mainly because they're beautiful.  I mean, LOOK at these!!!

And I HAD to get one of these flower bouquets, which was actually the most reasonably priced item I purchased.  Aren't they gorgeous?

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