A trip to the zoo and a dinner cruise

On day 3 of my parents visit, Joacim and I had a very special surprise planned for the evening.  We didn't have anything planned for the day, though, so we decided to head to Como Zoo (along with half of the Twin Cities, but I guess that's what you get for going the day after Labor Day :)

Izzy LOVES Bri....this was taken at the beginning of the day

We brought Jimmy John's for lunch....notice that their hairstyles are also the same :)

This was taken at the end of the day.  Notice the fact that she's no longer smiling.

pretty little lilly pads

She DID start to smile again after Grandpa suggested ice cream.  We found this cute place called Java Train nearby.

So, our surprise for the evening's activity was a dinner cruise on Lake Minnetonka.  We had heard about Al and Alma's from some friends of ours that raved about it, so after checking out the website, we signed all of us up.  We didn't tell Izzy either (5-year olds aren't always the greatest at keeping secrets, you know)
Izzy and Bri staked out their spot on the boat right away...a nice, big cushion at the back

Grandma and Grandpa wanted a pic together..pretty cute!

I love this little girl so much...sometimes I just want to nibble on her cheek!

I think she spent a majority of the trip rolling around this cushion...Grandpa came over and tickled her a bit

Auntie Bri is a great caregiver to Izzy

This is our "captain".  Young enough to be my child.  

A family portrait that Izzy half-participated in

The waitress told us that, if we ask nicely, the captain would let Izzy and Bri drive the boat

sisters ;)

our own little family portait (thanks Bri!!)

This is the boat we took
I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that comes and visits us.  Anyone want to come up to the Great North?????  ;)

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