Izzy's my little helper

It seems as though Izzy's growing older with every single day.  Which, I guess TECHNICALLY she is, but emotionally, she's just going like gangbusters!  Here's a few photos I've taken over the past few weeks that I want to remember.

She was doing her "homework"

She's also become interested in helping me cook.  We got her a set of plastic knives for Christmas last year, and they're starting to come out more and more.  Here is she chopping some parsley.

We went to the Mall of America last month to have a playdate with my friend and her daughter Pepper, who's Izzy's age.

Geesh...she looks so old in this picture.

I wish I had her wardrobe sometimes...especially these red clogs :)

Doing valentines cards with her brought back a ton of memories from my own childhood.  Can't wait until she starts decorating shoe boxes for cards (I hope they still do that!!!)

Somedays she's the best little helper, but she ALWAYS loves to mop.

She even helped me walk the dogs one night!

I could stare at her forever when she sleeps like this...

And she REALLY wanted to shred the carrots for a salad...not too bad, I'd say, either!

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