Sledding :)

There were lots of things we could've done while my parents were here, but we decided to do some sledding.  The day before we had gone to the Chaska community center pool (no photos from there...sorry) so we needed some cold-weather activities.

Grandma and Grandpa had to go to Eden Prarie to buy Bri some snowpants, so we passed the time by doing some painting.

 And then we went to the hill....
Genius idea on Joacim's part to put the rope on
I pulled Izzy up this hill.  I thought my lungs might explode.
When we got to the top, Izzy got scared and didn't want to go  anymore, so Bri and I headed down
I wish someone would've gotten a video of it, but this picture that my dad took is all we have.  It was SOOOOO FUN...and FAST!
Then Bri went back up the hill again (no idea how she did that..must be those lungs that are only 14 years old) and her and Joacim headed down...everything was going fine
Until this point
and it kept getting funnier
until they finally came to a stop
 This hill, while exhilarating, was exhausting, so we decided to head home and sled on some more manageable slopes :)

Izzy's MUCH happier here
 but they had to break through the reeds surrounding the pond behind the house
Izzy was always ready for the next run
then she went with Grandma...love this photo because, even from this distance, you can see how much fun she's having!

and then with Grandpa
into the reeds
another run with Bri and they FINALLY broke through...look at Izzy's hat :)

Pappa and Izzy made it all the way across the pond
I'm so glad we got her these overalls....she LOVES being outside
And then I decided to go down with Izzy
Can I just say that I'm an AWFUL sled driver?  In all the times that I've gone down this hill, I only made it to the pond ONCE so far....
Auntie Bri and Grandpa headed down hear the end

This was SUCH a fantastic day.  This is EMBRACING Minnesota winters!


Rob Monroe said...

We have a hill like that in downtown STL but we have not been. Sounds to me like Abby and Izzy are very similar in freak-out factor for something new like that!

Love all of the smiles!

Sarah said...

These are some GREAT pictures!! The kids and I did the same thing (on a small hill). Did you know that Brian has NEVER been sledding??!! O_o omg. He's missing out!