The last of the BIG toddler milestones!!!

So now that we've finally conquered the whole "pooping on the potty thing" (btw...still going strong on this one...no reverting back to pull-ups!!!), we decided to start working on sleeping in big-girl panties overnight.

We figured this for one simple reason...her crib mattress is covered in plastic.  It's easy now.  I'm home, so if she does have an accident overnight and I have to get up, it's not as impactful to the rest of the day.

It's been two days so far..two very SUCCESSFUL days!!!

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Rob Monroe said...

This is bigger than the house pictures - WOO HOO! Abby was a champ right off the bat with overnights, but she's pretty much a camel when it comes to peeing. We have to trick her into it, because she will hold it all.day.long sometimes...