Snowpocalypse 2011 - Day 1

It sounds funny, but that's what everyone else is calling it so I'm going with it.  Today was the first day back to "normal"....Izzy back at daycare (which had been closed the last 2 days due to the ice storm), me back at work (me actually out of my jammies :)..this was actually the first time I drove since Monday afternoon!  I was ready to get back in the swing of things.....well, I was at least ready to get out of the house.  I think we were all starting to feel like caged animals.  I'm pretty much OVER the ice though...I wiped out Wednesday morning taking the trash out (only to find out that trash pickup was postponed until Thursday morning....nice.), and I wiped out this evening in the backyard with the dogs.  I flippin need some of those ice shoes that climbers use!

Anyway, enough complaining.  Getting past all of the crappy things associated with an ice storm...you just have to stop and admire the beauty of the ice....

Of course, the dogs had a hard time of it.  They weren't sure about the snow because it was coated in ice, and everywhere they walked was frozen solid.....meaning they wouldn't poop.  And since I was so worried that Rosie would hurt herself if she and Murphy were out there together, I had to let them out separately.  But judging by this video, Rosie handled it pretty well, wouldn't you say?
And Murphy's just a big barker

We were all stocked up...got some bread and water..you know, the essentials.  But I also thought that CUPCAKES should be part of my emergency preparedness kit, so that's what we did ;)  Izzy is starting to help out with cooking a little more, which is so fun for me, since I LOVE to cook. 
 At first she was a little scared of the mixer, but if I held it for her all was well
 But then she got a little too excited about stirring....right on to my sweatshirt :)
 And Izzy really enjoyed the fruits of her labor
 And afterword she helped Pappa clean up and do dishes.  Ahhhhh....a girl after my own heart ;)

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Andrea said...

I absolutely love when Rosie was chasing her tail, it was so darn cute!!! Izzy is such a big helper!! Hopefully she will always be like that LOL!!