Build-up to Christmas

We put our Christmas decorations pretty early this year because I wanted to get THE PERFECT picture of Izzy or us to use for our Christmas card.  Go figure that the one I used wasn't the one I intended...I waited too long, and when I wanted to get one she was less than cooperative.  Here's the photo I did get...she looks so innocent, doesn't she?

And then I got THAT smile
Pretty pretty tree...moved it back into the sunroom..it's just so much cozier in there...like a little Christmas den

Of course, I don't forget the animals when it comes to Christmas presents.  We gave the doggies their toys early.  Rosie...yeah, she's not much for toys.  It seems as though she's scared of the ones we give her, and she'd MUCH rather have whatever Murphy is carrying.
Murphy got a little squeaky goose that he was SOOOO excited about.  And possessive.  So much so that an actual real fight broke out between him and Rosie and we had to put the toys away.  I'm not sure if Rosie learned her lesson or not.

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