We visited The Apple Works near Trafalgar a couple of weeks ago.  It's an apple orchard with a lot of other things, like pony rides, pumpkin patch and a store where you an buy all sorts of apple products.  We went there during their Annual Highlander Festival, so it was pretty busy, but they do a great job of shuffling people around.  Izzy had her first experience with farm equipment, being chauffeured from our parking lot via tractor.  I think she kinda liked it :)
They had a lovely little field of sunflowers.  This one's for my Grandma :)
She was a little bit curious about this little baby goat
Oh cute little tiny little baby cow
Several people that have seen this photo already have commented on how cute it is. And yes, it's cute, but she's actually getting in trouble here for running away :)  I guess punishment can be cute :)
She's trying to be all sneaky here
The fashion police would have a field day with this Highlander
Enjoying some homemade ice cream
And a blueberry pie
After our snack we headed over to the stack of hay bales to see if Izzy wanted to play on them.  As you can tell from the following photos, she liked this part a LOT!

And shortly after this photo was taken, THIS happened:

And, since we're trying to teach her that there are consequences to her actions, we had to pack up and leave, but I took this one on our way back to the car.  I love pumpkins.  Hopefully I'll get a bit more help carving one this year :)


Lacy Park said...

My in-laws live in Trafalgar (a small farm on 135, I'm sure you passed on the way there/back). My father-in-law works their part-time (trimming trees, etc.) Sarah, the owner, is the hardest working woman I've ever seen.

Great pictures!

Sarah said...

These pictures are adorable! Love it! Looks like a lot of fun. Izzy is quite the character.