Sweden vacation - Jun 23 (day 11) - part 1

I think it's terribly pathetic that I'm STILL blogging about my vacation that was 4 months ago, but I swear I'll get it all done before the end of the year :)

This was, by far, our busiest day, and one of my favorites in all the trips to Sweden (mainly because of part 2 of this day, which you'll see shortly).  Today, we were all road-trippin'.

 Izzy was not so ready to wake up this morning
  And neither was Gwen, but don't they both look like angels when they're sleeping?  :)
 Our destination this day was Öland  , which is an island to the east of mainland Sweden. Here we are crossing over the Kalmar Strait via the Oland Bridge (one of the longest in all of Europe).
 Our first stop was Ölands Djurpark, which is  a combination zoo/water/amusement park.  I took this picture of Izzy right when we got there, because I figured this cuteness wouldn't last too long :)  And she was loving her new hat with the 3 crown on it.
 Not sure what farfar and Gwen are discussing, but it appears to be a rather deep conversation about goats.

 A little snack break
 Joacim took this photo of us as we were devouring some ice cream
 After the zoo part and ice cream, we headed over to the amusement park.  Izzy decided she wanted to ride her very first big-girl ride, so I went with her.
 And then she decided that she made a REALLY BAD DECISION....haahaahaa!  No, I'm not laughing at her, but I AM laughing at the face she was making, and all of the others that Joacim wasn't able to see when he was taking pictures.
 Surprisingly enough after THAT experience, she wanted to go on more.  I think her uncle Daniel had something to do with convincing her that it was ok...
 A nice, quiet, momma-daughter moment
 Then we found this bounce house.  Had we known that THIS was here (and that the girls would love it so much) we would've come straight here and forgotten about everything else.  Here's Daniel trying it out first
 And then Gwen decided that she wanted to try it out too
 Izzy and I got in there next
 And then Joacim joined us (started to get a little bit crowded with all of those Trunks in there)
 Izzy LOVED it.  I had no idea she'd have so much fun, but she did!
 And it was great watching the 2 girls finally play together instead of argue over baby Ellie!
 And Joacim had to show off a little too :)

 After all that fun was done, we started heading north on the main highway of the island, and ran across a lovely hotel/restaurant and decided to stop for lunch.  You can just barely see the ocean in this one, but it's right beyond the trees...too bad I can't remember the name of this place, but the food was delicious!

Part 2 coming up next....

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