A little nature for you....some butterflies, bees and flowers....

I finally had a chance to go to Garfield Park Conservatory and visit their sunken gardens.  I've been to the conservatory before, but it was during the winter months, so it was great to see how beautiful the gardens are.  As I was walking around, I noticed all of the butterflies...thousands and thousands of little butterflies....

And these enormous bees...I became obsessed with photographing them.  So much so that my left eye wouldn't shut after awhile...it happens sometimes when I focus for a long time on a small object :)
Another little butterfly
I LOVE that you can see the pollen on the bees legs in this one
I'm going to call this one "Water Dance"....sooo pretty....
 After I'd exhausted the butterflies and bees, I headed into the conservatory.  They have some lovely, exotic flowers there, and the light is great!
And they have a koi pond, full of very hungry friendly little fish

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