Brazilian Blowout - LOVING IT!!!

My hair is....well, let's just say "difficult".  The medications I've been on do strange things to it...prednisone made it fall out, cyclosporine made it grow back, so the current status is thin hair on the ends and super-thick near the roots.  Basically, my hair is currently bi-polar.

My friend Holly raved about this hair treatment she had done in Australia...it's a smoothing treatment, but sometimes it results in straightening.  A couple of weeks ago, I was driving home, and there was this ridiculous neon sign that said "Brazilian Blowout".  Ok, normally I wouldn't fall for the neon thing (especially when it said Brazilian - anything), but I went online and found out that it was a legit salon offering this smoothing treatment.

I want to grow my hair out again, but with mangy hair like I have right now, I also want to rip it off my head.  I figured this was the only way to see through the awful growth period.  The shots are before and after, before and after, etcetera, etcetera (please disregard the crappiness of the photos...I swears I can take sum purrrrty pictures ;)

Oh my word...I don't think I can tell you how happy I am that I did this. It was $$$$, no doubt, but for me, worth every single penny. It's definitely smoother and shinier...and bonus, it took almost all of the bizarro curl outta my hair...not all, but most. Straightening is a breeze now, and only takes a few minutes. Most days I can just roll outta bed and it looks great. A huge time saver, and for me, probably a hair-saver. I can EASILY wait out this growth period if my hair behaves like it has. I'm singin' your praises, Brazilian Blowout!

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Lacy P said...

I've never heard of the Brazilian for the hair on the top of your head....ha! Your hair looks great!