HOLY CRAP.......medications aren't cheap

How do people without insurance survive?  I mean, I know that this sounds terribly naive, but I guess I am...selfish in that I've never put a ton of thought into what it would be like to not have it.  I believe everyone should have access to it, and I'm glad to see we're trying to finally do something about it in America.  I'm very lucky in that I haven't been in that position since I graduated from college.

But tonight, I think I got my first real sense of it.  I picked up my new meds tonight, and, with my insurance, I paid $107.  Without insurance, it would've been $969!!!!!  That means that every pill I take costs $15, which is STAGGERING.  That's an awful choice that some people have to make....take meds and go into unrecoverable debt, or don't take meds and have your condition possibly/probably get worse.

I'm glad that I've never been in that position, but I thought I might be with this new medication.  It's not FDA approved for my disease, and sometimes insurance companies won't cover that, but thankfully they are.  Can you imagine?  I mean, if this works, I'll be on it for at least 18 months.....that's $18,000!!!!  Holy.  Shit.

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Kristin Kapr Nutter said...

Absolutely true how much medication is even with insurance it can add up. When I first took over paying for my FSGS meds I had no idea how expensive they would be. Since I have had the disease since I was 7 my parents had covered them previously. A few times the insurance companies tried to say they would not cover me because I was high risk. The last thing you want to deal with when you are trying to focus on you and getting better.