"Anteebi" is such a big helper

Anteebi is actually Auntie Bri, but that's how Izzy says it and it's pretty damn cute.  She runs all over the house saying, "My Aunti Bri...my Auntie Bri".  She nearly knocked Bri down earlier from trying to crawl up her legs!

Brianne is staying with us for a few days while our parents go to a motorcyclle rally, and she was a HUGE help today!  I was able to get work done this morning (interim review...yuck!  :) and she entertained her while we were at the doctor.  And all day long they've played.  I wish she could be here every day!

We did get a little Wii-time in this evening..

And then freak storm rolled through...

And then a little snuggle after Izzy bumped her head

Joacim commented earlier that we can't compete with Bri, and I think he's right!  :)

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