Non-people photos

I'm so glad that it's finally starting to warm up outside (well, maybe not so much today :).  I've got a serious case of photographer's cabin fever and have been so ready to get outside and "investigate".  This post just has some random non-people photos that I wanted to share...

I have a slight obsession with spider webs right now (as long as there are no spiders around, of course :)
 No edits on this one...the color of the sky was INCREDIBLE....right before a line of storms
 And after the storms...
 Flowers from the vines that are overtaking the landscaping in the front of the house.  Amazing how they started out as 6 little plants and have now taken over everything!
 Another spider web....there's actually a tiny little spider in the center of this one (you probably have to click on the image to see a larger size), but I was pretty confident that I could take him if he tried any funny stuff :)
I can't wait to play some more!!!

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