A lazy weekend.....

Dinner a la fresco on Friday evening...she's eating beanie weenies (I know....awful :(

On Saturday, we went shopping.  I'm looking fror a camera/laptop bag for our trip, and I'm not having a lot of luck finding one.  After that, we were hungry and went to Johnny Rockets for lunch.  I gotta say..I LOVE their cheeseburgers.  And how cute are these two????

After lunch, we went shopping some more, this time for shoes.  And then we ended up buying suitcases instead :)  Here's Izzy trying them out.

She was having a blast as I was wheeling her around in the suitcase, but after all of that fun, we needed a nap.  Unforunately, we napped until 6:45pm, so she wasn't very willing to go to bed last night.

She's finally figured out how to climb up on our bed without our help.  I found her like this last night.

And today, she crawled up into our bed again, laid back against my pillow (with remote control in hand) ready to watch TV.  I REALLY wish I would've had my camera then!

I started an online photography class this week, and the assigbnment is dramatic lighting.  Here's what I came up with..whatta ya think?

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