Happy Valentines Day

I went to so much effort for Valentine's Day this year. Normally we don't celebrate it, but I wanted to with Izzy this year. I didn't want to do anything elaborate...more "quirky". So I got Joacim this print of the Swedish flag, but it's actually made up of all of these tiny little pictures of Sweden that are put together in a collage to look like the flag, which I thought was totally cool. I also got him this custom painted skull. Now you may ask why...and I'll tell you. You see, he just finished getting this fantastic tattoo, and it's a skull with flames (I'll show pictures later, when I finally take them). Anyway, I was on Etsy (my latest obsession) looking in the "shop local" section, and this guy who makes these painted skulls came up first, and I'm thinking this is PERFECT. Unfortunately, I don't think Joacim "gets" it, which sucks because I think I'm the only one who thinks this gift is TOTALLY COOL!!!

I think I saved myself with this picture of Izzy though

And here she is opening her Valentine's Day gifts

And here's a cake I made...doesn't look too good, but it tastes SOOOO GOOOD...red velvet with cream cheese icing (15 minutes in the microwave thanks to Pampered Chef)....
Here she is BEGGING Joacim to open her gift..

And here they are playing with it....it's a big Magna-Doodle. She has a travel-sized one that she LOVES, so I thought I'd get her a bigger one to play with around the house.

Happy Valentines Day!

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