OK, I'm starting to not like daycare so much

Sooooo, since our vacation has been over and Izzy's been back at daycare, she's had 2 1/2 sick days. And I'm guessing, based off of her behavior tonight, that she'll have another one tomorrow. Thank goodness Joacim and I have jobs that provide us some flexibility when it comes to staying home/working at home, but STILL! Joacim picked her up tonight and said that there were a bunch of kids in there, snot running down their face, pulling at their ears. Now, I know that other parents MIGHT not have the flexibility that we enjoy, but KEEP YOUR KIDS HOME IF THEY'RE SICK!!!! Seriously, people...Izzy has been a bit of a nightmare this week after coming home! Tonight, she basically cried from the minute she walked in the door until 7:00, when she was crying to go "night-night". I was telling Joacim the other night how it was so strange/funny that we've gone from her physically shaking when we put her in her crib to begging us to go "night night" in the span of 2 1/2 weeks. I DO hope that there's nothing else going on here...I mean, she's had a low-grade fever on and off all week. I'm attributing it to teething, since I've got nothing else right now. Hopefully she wakes up in a good mood tomorrow morning!

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