Random bits from last week....

These are just a bunch of random photos from the past week...

Here she is being temporarily occupied while I edit photos. I think I spend just as much time trying to figure out ways to keep her busy as I do editing! :)

Another moon picture...I'm getting closer.....

We got Murphy a new bed for his birthday, which was on Halloween. Unfortunately, he's not so fond of it..fortunately, Izzy is:

I was trying to make dinner, and she was hungry, so I just plopped her up on the counter top and fed her while I made dinner. I'm sure safety advocates would be reeling, but they clearly haven't had a needy, clingy 17-month old wrapped around their legs while trying to make dinner

After dinner, I was in her room putting some clothes away, and I found her tutu. I wondered if she'd wear it so I tried, and she didn't seem to mind a bit!

And of course, the cutest pup EVER. Look at that FACE!!!!

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