Birthday party

My sister, Andrea, had a cookout to celebrate a bunch of birthdays in my family: my niece, nephew, other sister, dad and me. Yep, there's a bunch of birthdays in a short amount of time (but it makes parties MUCH easier!!!).
Lots of good food..

And good laughs...this is Joacim and Jessie (who's essentially my sister Andrea's stepdad)

Izzy found some goggles in a bag full of pool stuff, so Joacim thought it would be funny to try to put them on her..and it was!

Izzy was having lots of fun with Jessie

Here she is showing everyone her belly button. She's REALLY picking up the body parts now!

Here's Izzy and her cousin, Taylor (birthday girl).

This is one of the reasons she had so much fun with Jessie...because he was feeding her dessert...

Can her mouth open any wider????

And this is what she did when she wanted more.

And here's my nephew, JT, showing off his new teeth :)

And another cute one of my niece...

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