She's almost crawling....

I can't tell you how tired I am of poopy diapers. There. I admitted it. There are some parts to parenthood that are glorious, like watching her smile and learn things, and then there are other parts that just suck, and poop is one of them. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that we've changed around 13 poopie diapers since yesterday. I'm pretty sure that it's because of her upper teeth coming in...can't see the teeth yet, but this has got to be it. Oh, for the love of all that is good and holy, please why won't these teeth come in so the pooping can cease?????

On a lighter note, Izzy is just days away from "officially" crawling. I say "officially" because she's mobile, but I wouldn't exactly call what she's doing "crawling" yet. See here for yourself..

It's so fun to watch her try to figure this out...which leg goes what way so she can get to where she wants to go. We realize that we must baby-proof..and FAST. She's already discovered that she's quite fond of the DVD player, the volume control on the receiver, the fireplace tools, Murphy's food bowl, and my purse (this one I didn't really expect until the tween years, but my girl's a quick learner :) And probably more funny than Izzy's form of mobility is Joacim's reaction. He said something so funny tonight that I almost spit my dinner across the table. Of course, can't remember it at all right now (can I still blame baby brain on the complete disappearance of my memory????), but whenever I do, I will make sure to post it here.

Of course, along with the mobility, comes the word "NO". I already feel like I'm saying it all the time..."No, Izzy...not the DVD player. No, Izzyboo...not mommy's camera." et cetera et cetera....And let me tell you what...Izzy does NOT like to hear the word No. Not one single bit. She does this pitiful little fake cry, complete with tears and all. I try to tell Izzy every day (even if she can't understand me), that I hope she grows up to be something artistic...well, based off of the last few days, I'm guessing she's going to be an actress, because this little girl is a DRAMA QUEEN! :)

Izzy also loves to stand now...anywhere...living room, bathtub....you name it, if there's something she can stand against, then that's wherre she wants to be. As evidenced the other night in these photos..

It's SCARY! I mean, I'm always worried that she's going to fall and hit her head. But I also realize that I can't watch her every single second, and that she's eventually going to fall down, but that's a good time to teach her to get right back up and try again, which is what Joacim and I are really trying to do. We try not to make a big fuss if she falls over, instead trying to make it seem as though she's done someting really fun. It's working so far...I just hope it keeps going.

Also, we've planned our first vacation with Izzy involving an airplane. w'er going to be heading to Ft. Lauderdale in April for a short little vacation. Joacim wanted to go see Iron Maiden (yes, you read correctly...:) and their last show (I think) is in Ft. Lauderdale, so he said that if he was able to get a ticket, that we were going. Well, success in the ticket purchasing department, because we've got our plane tickets and hotel booked! A big THANK YOU to my friend, Rebecca, for finding what looks like a really nice hotel. Anyone that knows me very well can vouch for the fact that I'm incapable of doing these kind of these easily, so any help I can get is very much appreciated. I'm nervous about this trip, only because it's our first with her on a plane, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun! Definitely looking forward to it!


Lacy Park said...

You crack me up! It's funny that we cannot wait for them to crawl/walk/talk...then, when it does happen we want them to revert back to the "simpler" times. They grow up so fast don't they?

Izzy's a beauty!

Jill said...

She's getting so big! Watch out when she starts crawling! Close your toilets, put the gates up, lock the cabinets, put your "pretties" up... Ha! Welcome to my world!

Have fun in Florida!